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Bracket, Extender Bridge, Flexible Rubber, Kit

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Bracket, Extender Bridge, Flexible Rubber, Kit
This part is made of moulded rubber and can be cut to provide useful widths using a pair of
scissors or a sharp knife.
Particularly useful when used to provide bridges of 150mm or less where its flexibility
protects against shunt damage to the plate and bracket which is being supported.
It is supplied with two rigid clamp bars which act to reinforce the flexible bridge at its points
of contact with the bracket to which it is attached.


1 of 10 1056 Bracket extender bridge, flexible, rubber

1 of 10 1057 Bracket extender bridge, clamp bars (set of 2)

3 of 10 7029 Nylon machine screws, cheese head, M6 x 15mm

3 of 10 7045 Nylon hex nuts, M6

1 of Kit specific Assembly and Installation guide

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