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Bracket, 3rd Party Bracket Adaptor, for Plate Size 12H , Kit

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Bracket, 3rd Party Bracket Adaptor, for Plate Size 12H , Kit

VIP Size 12 plates are made using pre-printed bases which are 355mm long. This is the largest size that can be directly over-printed in all A4 office laser printers. This is a highly efficient and speedy method of production. Vehicles which are already fitted with any of the bracket systems made by other suppliers should use the Adaptor illustrated above to provide a stable base for the VIP plate specification.

The Adaptor Platform simply attaches to the screw holes in each end of the bracket using the countersunk screws and locking nuts provided. The heads of these are then covered using the red reflective self-adhesive patches supplied in the kit. The overall effect is both neat and effective. The Adaptor is fitted with outward facing nylon screws on to which the plate is loaded and secured by nylon domed nuts.


1 of 10 7300 Bracket, number plate extension*
4 of 10 0008 Nylon machine screws, countersunk. 12mm x M6*
4 of 10 0009 Nylon domed nut, M6*
4 of 10 7023 Stainless steel machine screw, countersunk, 12mm x M6
4 of 10 7054 Stainless steel washer, 15mm ED x M6
4 of 10 7040 Stainless steel, self-locking nut, M6
1 of 10 1100 Red reflective strip, 20 x 95mm, (pair)

* These parts are supplied already assembled

NOTE: This product is available either individually or in packs of 25. The 06 product code shown is for one complete kit, as illustrated. Unless otherwise stated this product is available direct to council licensing departments and the VIP website shop to drivers, operators, and trade resellers via the VIP-System website shop.

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