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Platform, Flexiplate, Sizes 2F, 4F and 12F NEO Magnet Kit

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Platform, Flexiplate, Sizes 2F, 4F and 12F NEO Magnet Kit

The kits are supplied as illustrated with their six powerful nickel coated NEO magnets and galvanized metal keepers loaded into the plastic carrier ready for use.

In addition, a protective clear film is stuck over the exposed magnet faces so that no part of the fitting actually touches the vehicle.

Platform, Flexiplate, Sizes 2F, 4F and 12F NEO Magnet Kit


6 of 10 6800 NEO Magnet, 20 x 5mm*
2 of 10 1030 Platform insert, magnet holder*
2 of 10 7200 Galvanized steel, magnet keeper*

* These parts are supplied already assembled.

This kit is intended for users who already have one of the VIP Platforms illustrated, none of which form part of the kit.

NEO magnets are surprisingly powerful. No attempt should be made to remove them from the platform for use in any other application.
Unmounted magnets should be kept away from children and all forms of ID, bank, travel and other forms of swipe cards and passes.
Likewise mobile phones and other sensitive electronic devices.

Before purchase please ensure that the vehicle body to which you wish to mount a platform loaded with magnets is, in fact, of steel construction as many vehicles are now built with plastic panels, particularly bumpers and rear doors and magnet fixing is therefore unsuitable.

NOTE: This product is available either individually or in packs of 25. The 06 product code shown is for one complete kit, as illustrated. Unless otherwise stated this product is available direct to council licensing departments and the VIP website shop to drivers, operators, and trade resellers via the VIP-System website shop.

Images are for illustration purposes only, colours are to allow better clarity of products. Unless otherwise stated, parts are made in Black injection moulded ABS
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